JGrads is Growing!

Room in the heart, room in the home.


To create a welcoming space in our home for young adults to meet, grow, and celebrate with one another.


Provide increased security, safety, and comfort for our young adults at Shabbat and holiday meals, the heart and soul of our programming.


Front Entryway, Patio, Pergola, and Sukkah

A new entryway with a coat closet for guests will provide a welcoming space and address concerns in our post Oct. 27 security assessment.

A new 200-sq.-foot patio will accommodate guest tables and chairs under a covered pergola that converts into a Sukkah.

Kitchen and Dining Extension with Storage Closet

An additional 170-sq.-feet of space will be added to the dining and kitchen areas, making the space more comfortable, safe, and with additional seating.

While it is thrilling to envision a kitchen with sufficient oven space and room for staging our 5-course dinners, we are most excited to have a closet for storing tables and chairs (private family homes don’t come with room for seating 40!)

Can you help JGrads grow, and make a lasting impact on young adults for years to come?