JGrads Pittsburgh facilitates the continuation and growth of Jewish communities on campus, and connects students to the Jewish community of Pittsburgh. Hear what JGrads has meant to current students and alumni, in their own words.

Ayton Sanders

“When I came to Pittsburgh for grad school I was nervous because I didn’t really know anyone.  The Hoexters gave me an opportunity to meet other people in the same boat as me and a sense of family I never could have expected.”

Jessie Dunietz

“JGrads’ Grad Shabbat program is an invaluable part of the graduate student Jewish community in Pittsburgh. One Friday night a month, all of us know that we can depend on that warm, inviting Shabbat meal. The openness and inclusiveness of those meals brings together students from across the spectrum of Jewish life to enjoy each other’s company, building connections between otherwise disconnected circles of Jewish students. I have no doubt that I would not know many of my friends in Pittsburgh half as well (or at all, in some cases) if not for the Friday nights spent eating, talking, and singing together at Grad Shabbat meals.”

Sarah Posner

“For me, JGrads was a great break from the stress of law school.  Regardless of what I had going on at school, I cherished Friday evenings as the only time during the week that I would take a break from school work to relax and enjoy a peaceful Shabbat dinner with fellow graduate students.  JGrads became a home away from home, where we would sit down for a delicious, home-cooked meal, and enjoy each others company.  I met so many wonderful people through JGrads and cannot say enough great things about the organization.  I feel so fortunate to have been part of such a warm, welcoming community of grad students and encourage all Jewish grads to get involved. “